The starlight is our hope.

--You woke up to find yourself standing on an unknown land.
Through various meetings and farewells,
you will find the hidden truth of this world.


Rio Calquinos Rio Calquinos

An Apprentice Knight on a Journey

Rio Calquinos

(During Battle) Voiced by:Hoshino Keigo

Race: Human

A young man with the ambition to become an "Astra Knight" who inherits the power of the legendary heroes. He gets chased out of the royal capital due to the sudden invasion of enemies. Led by a strange destiny, he aims to restore the royal capital with his friends.

Aru Aru

A Mysterious Companion


(During Battle) Voiced by:Hanayama Akari

Race: Demi-human

A demi-human girl who follows Rio on his journey for unknown reasons. She has a big ego and sometimes finds herself in conflict with her friends. She doesn't talk much and there seems to be a reason for that......

Lucas Nizam Lucas Nizam

Knight of the Blue Spear

Lucas Nizam

(During Battle) Voiced by:Nishiyama Shinya

Race: Human

A young Astra knight who joins the journey. Rio's childhood friend who has been pushed around since he was a child. As he is serious and level-headed, he is considered a pillar of support for the group during their journey.

Lunaria Shauzer Lunaria Shauzer

A gentle and sincere young girl.

Lunaria Shauzer

(During Battle) Voiced by:Kamitaka Suzuka

Race: Human?

An innocent young girl whose father is a lumberjack. She possesses tremendous magical powers inherited from her mother and she's always wearing the hat left by her mother as a keepsake.

Begius Shauzer Begius Shauzer

Former Great Man Shield

Begius Shauzer

(During Battle) Voiced by:Sakurai Kouki

Race: Human

A robust man living quietly with his daughter in a remote area. He seems quiet and stubborn, but he is very kind with his family. He's a reliable man who carries a huge shield as weapon to protect his friends.

Dino Dino

A demi-human who is wearing shackles.


(During Battle) Voiced by:Yoshida Takuma

Race: Demi-human

A young demi-human guy working in the mine.
A mood booster who encourages and cheers up his friends who are forced to work. He's a caring and and attentive big brother, but he can't resist flirting with women whenever he sees them.


Game Information
An RPG where hope and sin collide.
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