For Users Underage

Rules of the Game
Metria is an online game that you can play with many people over the Internet.
It is not a game you play by yourself, and the other characters are humans just like you.
Please follow the rules so you and other people can enjoy the game together.
If you don't follow the rules, you may be stopped from playing, so please read these rules on this page.

You need permission from your parents to play the game.
Please read this page with your parents, and ask for permission to play Metria.

Please ask for permission before buying "Star Crystals"
You can play Metria without using money, but if you want to, you can buy the item called "Star Crystal" by paying money.
But, please ask for permission to your parents before buying.

Promise with the Game Team
The Game Team makes rules and watches over the players so everyone can enjoy Metria.

Please do not use names that could make people think "it can be the person from the Game Team", or trick people pretending to be the person from the Game Team.

When playing in events, please listen to what the Game Team ask you to do.
If you see someone who does not follow the rules, or if someone does something unpleasant to you, please tell the operation team through the "Inquiry Form".

Please don't do anything that other people would not like.
Please don't do anything that other people would not like, such as saying bad things about people.
Please be careful about how you play, and what kind words you use for your character's name.
Also, please don't play pretending to be someone else.

Please don't tell or ask for "Important Information"
"Google Account", "Apple ID", "Mail Address", "Home Address", "Phone Numbers" and such are very important information.
If you tell those information, or ask for those, you might be stopped from playing the game, or it can end up in a serious incident. So please make sure you don't do it.
The Game Team or the "GM" will never ask for those information in the game, too.

The Game Data is for you only
The Game Data is for you only
Even if it is your family or friend, please don't share, sell/buy for money, or give/take it.

Please don't use bugs, or tell people about them.
When the game is not working as usual, that could be a "Bug".
If you find a bug, please don't make it happen on purpose, or tell the other people. Please tell us about the bug from the Contact Us

Please don't modify the Game Data
Please don't cheat by using application different from Metria, or by modifying the Game Data.

Please don't do bad things
Please don't lie to people to get something from them, or trade with unfair offers.

Even if it's not written here, please do not do anything that could make people feel bad, or do something that could trouble people.
Please enjoy the game with everyone, together.

Please be careful with suspicious website
In the Internet, there are people who try to do bad things, so please be careful.
Even though someone you know gives you the link, you might be sent to suspicious site, so please don't access them.

For Parents
Metria is an online game which can be played with many people.
The application (game) is free to download, and can be played to the end for free. However, there is payment when purchasing an item called "Star Crystal".
You can restrict the purchase in your children's smartphones by changing the settings.
*The communication fee necessary to use the application must be paid by the player.
Please make rules about how to play and how long to play, such as keeping the room light, not having the device too close to the face, rest 15 minutes per hour, etc. with your children.
Please refrain from playng the game when you are fatigued, lack of sleep, or feeling unwell.

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