New SSR Character: "Holy Night Goddess Shash's" Available for Purchase!

New SSR Character: "Holy Night Goddess Shash's" Available for Purchase! New SSR character Gacha: "Holy Night Goddess Shash's" are now available for purchase!

We have raised the win rates for the new characters so that you'll have a higher chance of winning them than the other SSR characters!

[Holy Night Goddess,] Shash's Character Ability
Normal Attack
1st Hit 40% 40%
2nd Hit 30% 30% 40%
3rd Hit 40% 40% 50% 60%
4th hit 40% 30% 40% 50% 30% 100%
Aerial Attack 40% x3

Skill 1:Burning Gifts
Drops 4 present boxes from above the enemy. Each box explodes with 300% damage.
Increases your party's Skill Damage by 30% and all elements by 5% for 30 seconds when activated.

Skill 2:Passionate Rotation
Spins forward with Snake Sword and attacks the enemies around you 10 times with 120% damage.
The enemies' ATK will be reduced by 25% for 30 seconds when they get hit.

EX Skill : EX. Flaming Christmas Tree
Attacks the target enemy 10 times with 200% damage using Flaming Christmas Tree.
Hitting the enemy will reduce the enemy's DEF by 25% for 30 seconds.

- How to Access Gacha -
Tap the triple bar at the top left of the game screen, then tap "Gacha" under Main Menu.

- Sale Period (in JST) -
From:Friday. Dec 1. 2023 0:00 JST.
Until:Tuesday. Dec 19. 2023 13:59 JST.

- Win Rates Display -
- Please check the win rates of the items from "Win Rates" on the Gacha screen.
- You may win the same items.
- Get the character's coin to use the character.
- This product will be sold until Tuesday. Dec 19. 2023 13:59 JST.

- Exchange Center -
- 11 Exchange Points will be given for purchasing and rolling the gacha 11 times.
- 1 Exchange Point will be given for purchasing and rolling the gacha 1 time.
- You can exchange 200 Exch Pts for 1 select character (character name coin).
- The Exchange Points can only be used for this Select Gacha.
- The Exchange Center to exchange the points from this Select Gacha will still be available for 1 week after the gacha becomes unavailable for purchase.

*The characters shown in the picture are examples.
*You may also win other Tarots that are not in the picture.
*You cannot use the same characters in a Formation.
*New SSR character "Holy Night Goddess Shash's" will be added to the regular character gacha when Select Gacha becomes unavailable.