Confirmed Bugs

Confirmed Bugs We would like to inform you about the bugs that have been confirmed at the moment.

*Please refer to "Bug Status" at the bottom of this page for information about bugs that have been fixed.

- Issues to Be Fixed -
- Post-Awakening stats for character's Skill 1, Skill 2, and EX Skill are not reflected in the text.

They will be reflected in a future update.
The post-Awakening stats for normal attack are reflected in the text.

- Issues Under Investigation -
We have confirmed an issue in the battle to defeat Gerda on multiplayer mode where some of the boss attacks won't hit all players when their action is out of sync.

- Action Causing the Issue -
- If the spear is not completely destroyed when summoning Gerda's spear, the explosion that occurs will not hit all players.

We are currently still investigating this issue. Even after the maintenance, you may still experience the issue where some of the boss attacks won't hit all players when their action is out of sync.

- Bugs on Some Platforms -
- Information in the event dungeon is not displayed for some accounts.
If you experience this issue, please try reinstalling the app after linking your account.
- A reconnecting issue during gameplay.
- A bug where items to gather and monsters to kill do not respawn.
- A bug where the character can move and ends up in a position that is higher and not supposed to be accessible.

We will investigate the cause of the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Those Who Participated in the Alpha Test -
- Players cannot log in due to an account verification error.

If you are unable to log in, please kindly reinstall the app. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Bug Status -
Please check the status of bugs here.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 -
- A bug where the player will leave the group if the app is restarted after all of the members get defeated.
- A bug where the game would stop loading after using a portal to teleport when the network disconnects and reconnects.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024 -
- A bug where Guild Ticket is restored although it is not 12 midnight (JST).
- A bug where the cooldown of Potion affects Scroll items.
- A bug where the EXP gain for the players (second member onward) when defeating an enemy on multiplayer mode would become abnormal.
- A bug where the character model and effect won't go back to the default state if the player checks out a certain skill during character edit.
- A bug where the motion of [Berserker Magic Bullet] Zescole looks abnormal from other players' point of view.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024 -
- Tanzanite Helm cannot be created at the Blacksmith due to an error.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024 -
- As the calculation of DEF down is bugged, the effect of DEF down sometimes is lost and it affects the value of final damage.
- The character cannot be controlled during gameplay.
- A bug where the animation to store the gathering tool for felling does not work when the player keeps holding it for a while and felling becomes not possible.
- A bug where the slider bar can also be moved other than on the area to adjust item quantity.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Jan 30, 2024 -
- A bug where the Gathering Tool would remain on the screen when collecting an ore or wood that overlaps with fishing spot.
- A bug where the "Gather" button is not shown and fishing becomes not possible.
- A bug where the character cannot be controlled when taking a knockback attack at the same time as a counter skill.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024 -
- A bug where players cannot check character abilities from all Character Gacha (iOS Version).

- Fixed on Tuesday, Jan 16, 2024 -
- A bug where item rewards from boss battle treasure chests cannot be obtained after closing the app in an improper way.
- A bug where the display becomes abnormal if you switch to another character in your formation to fell after felling or mining.
- A bug where the EX skill "EX. Iron Guts" fails to activate the second time when the skill is used consecutively without moving.
- A bug where inputting a normal attack during a normal attack at a specific timing results in abnormal attack behavior.
- A bug where the display becomes abnormal if you switch to another character in your formation to fell after felling or mining.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024 -
- Fixed the Damage Bonus that is affected by the number of Breaks.
- A bug where the tapped action or skill button remains active when the character is revived after getting knocked out.
- A bug where the character cannot be controlled after being revived if the character gets knocked out while attacking an enemy.
- When putting the enemy into the Break state in multiplayer mode, a bug causing the Break state of the enemy not to be removed from the room owner only and attacks not to hit occurs.
- A bug where the enemy stops moving on multiplayer mode when the player targeted by the enemy gets disconnected.
- A bug where the player remains in the group on multiplayer mode although the option to "Leave group when leaving the dungeon" has been ticked.
- A bug where the Break bar values of the host and the participants do not sync on multiplayer mode.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Dec 26, 2023 -
- A bug where the character would return to an inaccessible area when the player leaves or gets reconnected on certain maps.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Dec 19, 2023 -
- Incorrect text during story, quest, and abnormal event scene display.
- A bug where the effect of the skill "Triple Arrows" would remain if a normal attack is performed right before the effect ends.
- A bug that causes the skill "EX. Full-Force Strike" to end if the normal attack button is pressed after the skill has activated.
- A bug where dropped items from a dungeon are displayed in another dungeon if they are not claimed.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 -
- An issue where chat history disappears.
- A bug where the effect of the skill "EX. Protection Arrow" disappears within the range of the skill "EX. Arrow Rain" on multiplayer mode.
- A bug where the debuff from the skill "EX. Flaming Christmas Tree" is applied to other players on multiplayer mode.
The debuff activated by Christmas Shash is designed to only affect the player who uses the character.
- A bug where an item shortcut can be used twice consecutively under certain conditions.
- A bug where the display of the defeated boss will remain on the screen when the game reconnects at a specific timing.
- A bug where Guild Tickets are automatically restored at times other than 12:00 AM (JST).

- Fixed on Friday, Dec 8, 2023 -
- A bug where the number of Star Crystals owned is not shown.

- Fixed on Thursday, Dec 7, 2023 -
- A bug where the NPC the player talked to would appear on the map the player has moved to.
- An issue where the slider for increasing the number of items to exchange is not working.

- Fixed on Friday, Dec 1, 2023 -
- Fixed the graphics of map change lines.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Nov 30, 2023 -
- Dropped items sometimes cannot be picked up.

- Fixed on Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023 -
- A bug where the skill preview of "Sunny Missy, Lunaria" would show her holding a staff.
- A bug where the effect activated by a character that has been removed from the party remains in effect.
- A bug where the elemental ATK of equipment is not reflected in the stats.
- A bug where the effect of the skill "EX. World Book" looks narrow to other players.
- A bug where the effect range of the skill "EX. World Book" (Awakening Lv6) looks the same as the range before Awakening.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023 -
- A bug where the auto-matching feature is not working.
- A bug where the chat notification cannot be turned off.
- A bug where the number of expiring Star Crystals is not shown correctly when they are purchased several times on the same day.
- A bug where the aerial normal attack damage doesn't increase while the skill "EX. Water Spear Stance" is active.
- A bug where the Recommended Power shown for Lv40 "Shroomlight" and "Wolvane" is 30000.
The correct Recommended Power is 45000 and it has been fixed.

- Fixed on Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023 -
- A bug causing the damage calculation of [Arrow of Light, Aru]'s skill, "EX. Protection Arrow", to be 40% instead of 50%.
- A bug causing the players to be unable to log in from the title screen as the screen will turn black.
- An issue where server chat notifications are not received.
- An issue where characters are not displayed under certain conditions during gameplay.
- Mitigated the issue that causes the app to crash when displaying the gacha page.
- An error will be shown if you receive an item from the Gift Box when you already have the maximum number of items you can have.