Updated Information (3.4.0): New Event Dungeon"Giganti" Added! More…

Updated Information (3.4.0): New Event Dungeon"Giganti" Added! More… The App update has been successfully completed. Please download version "3.4.0" from "Google Play" and "App Store"

- New Event Dungeon "Giganti" Added! -
A new event dungeon "Giganti" has been added to the Chamber of Trials on the second floor of "Transcendent Alagoon".

[Event Period]
From: Tuesday, Jun 11, 2024 after maintenance~
Until: Tuesday, Jul 2, 2024 before maintenance

[How to Join the Event]
How to Join the Event1. Tap "Return to Base" from the main menu.
2. After returning to the Base, proceed forward and move to Alagoon: Inside.
3. Move to the "Portal Circle" near the center of the first floor of Alagoon: Inside and tap the interact button.
4. Tap "2F: Chamber of Trials".
5. After moving to the 2F, tap "Event Dungeon" on the opposite site (south) of the player's perspective.

[How to Progress]
How to ProgressDefeat the boss that appears in the event dungeon to collect "Snow King Kong Long Hair" and "Snow King Kong Hard Skin"!

The items obtained can be exchanged for Star Stones for gacha, EXP items to raise character level, and magic stones to raise level cap at the Exchange Center in the Shop.

Snow King Kong Ring
Snow King Kong Ring"Snow King Kong Huge Fang" can only be obtained on Exceed difficulty level and can be exchanged for "Snow King Kong Ring (Ultra)".

Challenge the high difficulty boss and aim to get "Snow King Kong Ring" which is a piece of equipment with a more powerful ability!

- Trial function for new SSR characters and featured SSR characters implemented! -
Trial functionUntil now, you were not able to feel how strong the new SSR characters and featured SSR characters are until you actually win them in Gacha.

With this Trial function, you can use them in a battle against a boss with the characters automatically organized from the Gacha screen before obtaining them.

For more details, please check the explanation displayed when you tap the Trial button.

*You can choose multiple featured characters and tap the "Trial" button to try them.

- Earth Element! New SSR Tarot: "The Witch's Room" Available for Purchase! -
TarotNew SSR Tarot Gacha: "The Witch's Room" are now available for purchase!

The chance of winning the new Tarot will be higher than that of other SSR Tarots!

Please see the notice for more details about Tarot.
Earth Element New SSR Tarot: "The Witch's Room" Available for Purchase!

- Bug Fixes -
We will notify you of any bugs fixed during maintenance.

- When you unequip a Fishing Rod after the icon for fishing is displayed, the icon won't disappear from the screen.
- When you tap the "Unlock Level Cap" button multiple times, each tap opens the window.

- Other Updates -
- Infinite Dungeon "Infinite Grand Flame" has ended.
- Tarot Gacha "Bird's Eye View" will become unavailable for purchase.

- Confirmed Bugs -
We would like to inform you about the bugs that have been confirmed at the moment.

[Bugs on Some Platforms]
- An issue where the app crashes suddenly.
- An issue where the app freezes suddenly.
- A bug where items to gather and monsters to kill do not respawn.
- A bug where the character can move and ends up in a position that is higher and not supposed to be accessible.

We will investigate the cause of the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.