Restrictions and Violations

What is prohibited in the game?

Please review our Terms of Service and Violation Policy for information on permitted and prohibited activities in Asobimo games.
Below are some examples that we deem inappropriate and are subject to account suspension.

- Unethical behavior that intentionally harms others
- Use of unofficial software
- Buying, selling, sharing, or transferring game accounts
- Impersonating an Asobimo staff member
- Fishing for someone else's account
- Abusing refunds
- Intentional exploitation of bugs
- Instigating violations against other players
- Requesting personal contact information
- Using the in-game chat for advertising, spamming, or fraud

What's your response to cheat/disruptive behavior?

Accounts that have violated the above will be subject to some or all of the following penalties.
- Collecting back the in-game currency
- Temporary account suspension
- Account suspension for an indefinite period

We will not accept any complaints regarding the penalties, and we will no longer support accounts that have violated the rules.
We hope to create a safe gaming environment, and ask that everyone refrain from going against the rules.

How can I report cheaters/players who are behaving bad?

Please report us if you notice any suspicious players that may be violating the rules.

笆シWhen you confirm suspicious players outside the game
We are unable to respond to actions taken on other companies' sites that are outside of the METRIA game. Please contact the sites/apps directly.