Can I contact customer support in other languages if I need help?

We apologize, but our customer support only handles Japanese and English languages. For inquiries in languages not supported, we will respond in English. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

How will you reply to my inquiry?

We will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days, however, it may take longer when we have a lot of inquiries to handle.
We will respond in order, so please kindly wait.

If you do not receive a response, please check the following.

- Please check whether you spelled your email address correctly.
- Mail settings
Please make sure to accept emails from the domain "@metria.jp".
- Please check whether you have received our auto-reply.
If you have received the auto-reply, there is a possibility that the email address you entered is restricted in some way by the administrator of the email.
Please contact us again with a different email address (e.g. Gmail or other free email address).

If you wish to contact us again, please use the contact form and do not reply directly to our response.

What are the rules about secondary use and fanfiction?

Contents allowed for the secondary use and fan fiction of METRIA

1. Creation, exhibition, and distribution of Illustration, Doujinshi, Comic, and Novel
2. Creation and distribution of three-dimensional item such as Figure
3. Creation and distribution of Cosplay Costume (for all ages)
4. Cosplay of character (for all ages), publication and distribution of Cosplay photo or video
5. Introduction of game contents using the captured regular gameplay video or screenshot

If you use the in-game images, images and illustrations on the official website, or logo data, please add the following copyright sign.
(C) ASOBIMO,INC. All rights reserved.

Regarding the usage of video and screenshot on video sharing sites and social media
・Posting video and screenshot are allowed without Asobimo's permission if compliant to the contents stated in "4. Prohibition"


Below are the prohibitions for secondary usage and fan fiction of METRIA

1. With or without compensation, the use for commercial and profit purposes with high profit potential.
*For Doujinshi and related activities, if Asobimo infers that the profit is not excessive, they will be deemed non-profit activities.
2. Content against public order and morality
3. Content deviating our game's image, or content that detract our game's image
4. Usage of content that Asobimo does not own the rights to, such as collaboration content
5. Creation and publication of fan fiction with game element
6. Content that violates or threatens Asobimo's or third party's rights
7. Usage that is prohibited individually by our games
8. Usage of video or screenshot that has been captured or extracted by method other than regular gameplay
9. Other content that is judged by Asobimo to be inappropriate